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Meet Dave Bertman, a tightly wound 37 year-old father of one. Bertman's "higher" education begins when medical marijuana activists wielding "loaded" weapons interrupt a planned reunion ...DOWNLOAD
















































Meet Dave Bertman, a tightly wound 37 year-old father of one. Bertman's "higher" education begins when medical marijuana activists wielding "loaded" weapons interrupt a planned reunion barbecue with college debate chums. When his teenage daughter Gina Marie unexpectedly arrives with a joint found in her pocket, Bertman assumes the worst. Only after he faces his own hypocrisies, can he have the open and honest discussion needed for father and daughter to understand each other and reconnect. Meanwhile, Bertman's fellow debaters shed their inhibitions and make their own self-discoveries. Tired of seeing her grass-roots campaigns sabotaged by corporations opposing legalization, pro-pot advocate, Dr. Willa Peterson decides the kid gloves are coming off. By convincing the Fun-0nion snack food empire their sales would skyrocket if marijuana was legal, Peterson enlists their corporate might to back her cause. It will take a radical marketing campaign to change the way America thinks about marijuana, and PR guru, Arturo Goldman, of the famous PR firm Goldman, Goldberg, Goldstein, and Goldman comes up with one. "If they can use terrorists to convince people out of smoking pot, then we can use homosexuality to scare them back into it." The romp that follows leaves paranoid Bible thumpers scrambling to get their kids high to inhibit perceived homosexual tendencies. "Totally Baked" takes a satirical look at marijuana's stereotypes and mythologies using a compilation of "Man on the Street" true documentary style interviews, humorous insights by live stand-up comedians, and a series of interconnected vignettes spoofing both sides of the political debate over the legalization of marijuana. This is a nice movie to watch in a double bill with "Super High Me". In fact, much of the stand-up comedy Doug Benson does in that movie is here, including stuff that was left in the cutting room of that film.

So this is a "Pot-U-Mentary". By that I mean there are a series of clips from "weed-friendly" stand-up comedians intertwined with a story about a square-head party crashed by "marijuana activists/doctors". This style reminded me a bit of that "What the Bleep" movie.

The good news is that the stand-up bits are funny. Even the "Totally Baked title song" is still in my head. The bad news is that the side-story sucks, unless you're completely trashed. Badly acted, directed, well, it's a mess, something that should have gone straight to DVD.

As a stoner, I enjoyed it for what it is. Smoke up and watch this, there are some funny bits here and there, just don't expect very much. This movie was interestingly entertaining. It attempts to change the status-quo view on marijuana by persuading the uninformed in a comedic fashion that marijuana is not as dangerous as the media, critics, and skeptics say it is. In the latter of the movie, the culprit (marijuana activist/user) might be seen as a hero. Simultaneously, this piece of media is a documentary and a movie. Part of the movie is stand up comedy whereas the other part is the actual doc u-movie. The movie jumps back and forth between movie and stand up comedy. Overall, id check this piece of media out if you are a marijuana activist, user, or patient.


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